Smart Learning Initiative for Village Students (SLIVS):

We , the team of 12 team sponsors of Konampet KPL2018 honourly announcing our goals in SLIKS(Smart Learning Initiative for Konampet Students),First We are very thankful to all the donors and the players and Konampet school staff who contributed a lot, who made our job easy to go with this SLIKS this year itself.

By this Smart learning initiative programme we are directly giving employment for 2 people from our village and providing better learning experience to 45 children of our konampet school.

1) Introducing free LKG this year for 1st and 2nd class students of telugu medium.

2) Introducing free UKG next academic year

Supported by London kids school from mancherial (Kankanala Satheesh Reddy s/o Shankar Reddy garu from Konampet.)

It will give a big relief to children who are traveling to nennal which is 9km far from our village,  and they can save 8k to 15k for child.

Encouraging the donors to adopt each one or 2 child to take care of their performance,which also make trainers more responsible.

3) Navodaya Entrance coaching to 5th class students.

4) Gurukul Entrance coaching to 5th class students.

6) Foundation course to 6th class in summer  to 5th class students to build confidence

7) Finding drop outs in upper primary and preparing them for open 10th.(In Summer)

8) Finding drop outs after 10th and inter and preparing them for inter and open degree.

9) Arranging the library facility for the students who are preparing for competetive exams(suggested by gunti suresh garu)

10) Focus on communication and mathematical and computer skills from 3rd class to 5th by interactive and visual learning methods

11)common library for public to enhance their knowledge ( suggested by dole gnaneswar garu)

Few donors are ready to offer computers,  if we are confident enough.We can focus on it in summer and introduce one subject from next academic year.

Next  year Goals:

1) Bringing all the students  from 1st to Degree and P.G under 1 root, offering the essential services like Career Guidance for all.

2) To help the farmers in bank loan process by our volunteer.

3) To provide some financial aid to the poor students who pursuing higher education suggested by Thode Rajeswar Reddy garu.

4) To provide merit scholarships to the toppers in 10th inter and degree suggested by Kankanala Satheesh Reddy garu

5) We are planning to register our team as a society or NGO to provide the students and farmer’s services under one roof.

Please offer your suggestions ,which will beneficiary for the most in our village,  we can consider the same in next academic year depending on the funds available.